Baby and Mum Products Exclusive Distributor for OptiBac Probiotics and Biocare UK for Vietnam Market
Baby and Mum Products Exclusive Distributor for OptiBac Probiotics and Biocare UK for Vietnam Market  

Aptamil is the leading brand name of baby milk powder in UK. It is well known for helping babies to gain height fast, being very easy to digest, having lovely flavour and not causing constipation

Aptamil First, 0-12m, 900gram 


Aptamil 2 is special kind of milk for babies who get hungry quicker than normal. It can be used at night time to keep babies rather full and have good sleep, 0-12m, 900gram 

Aptamil 3, 6-12m, 900gram 

Aptamil 1-2 years, 900gram 

Aptamil Comfort - special milk for babies who has constipation problems 




Sữa nước Aptamil - Sữa nước Aptamil, mở ra uống liền, mang đi học hoặc đi chơi rất thuận tiện!!

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