Baby and Mum Products Exclusive Distributor for OptiBac Probiotics and Biocare UK for Vietnam Market
Baby and Mum Products Exclusive Distributor for OptiBac Probiotics and Biocare UK for Vietnam Market  

Friso is one of leading brands of baby milk powder in Holland. 

Friso is well know for helping babies to grow fast in terms of height, and easy to digest. It has never been complained about causing constipation for babies. 





Friso 1 (Hero Baby 1), 0-6m, 800gram 

Friso 2 (Hero Baby 2), 6-10m, 800gram 

Friso 3 (Hero Baby 3), 10-12m, 800gram 

Friso (Hero Baby 4),1 year onwards, 700gram 

Friso 5 (Hero Baby 5), 2 years onwards, 700gram 

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