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Welcome to Yorkshire Dales ICT in UK

Yorkshire Dales ICT in UK specilizes in baby products. We focus on baby milk powder and can supply whole containers of Aptamil, Cow and Gate, Hipp or SMA from UK, Dutch Friso (Hero Baby) or pallets of Nutrilon from the Netherlands. Besides, we can supply you large quantity of other baby products such as food supplement, Sudocrem, Avent, Heinz baby cereal, Cow and Gate cereal, Pampers and Huggies baby nappies etc. Small orders are also welcome at reasonable prices. 


Having started as a family business in 2010, we now have expanded to most of Asian markets including China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thai Lan...We have access to the Manufactures of baby milk in UK and Holland and thefore can offer you at the best prices. The expiry dates we supply are mostly newest expiry dates except when the goods are on promotional prices (but we make sure we will mention this clearly in our transactions with you). All of the goods are in the Manufacturers's original packing. 


To make sure all transactions are safe, our shipping partner in UK ( can act as middle person and once they confirm that all goods has been delivered to their warehouse, they can send you pictures of the goods and only then do you need to transfer 100% money to our company bank account before collection. 




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